Ruijie RG-S7800C Core Switch Series is specially designed for next-gen integrated network. Implementing advanced RGOS11.X operating system and VSU/VSD virtualization technologies, the switch future supports future Ethernet requirements. The leading technologies break customer physical network barriers to form an integrated network. The VSU (Virtual Switch Unit) feature greatly simplifies customer network architecture to enhance the operational efficiency. The VSD (Virtual Switch Device), another virtualization technology, significantly lowers the total cost of investment by improving device utilization. The RG-S7800C Switch Series is ideal for MAN, campus network and settings alike.

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Feature highlights of RG-S7800C Series Core Switch:

●Cost-effective Entry-level Chassis Switch

●Superior Performance with up to 88.62Tbps Switching Capacity

●Support Network Virtualization (VSU & VSD) and Advanced Layer 3 Routing (OSPF, BGP)

●Carrier-class Reliability: Control Engine/ Power/ Fan Redundancy, Hot-swappable Components

●Support Large-scale MAC (up to 64K) and ARP Table (up to 20K)

●Support PoE/ PoE+ with Independent PoE Power Supply Module




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