Surveillance starterkit easy

Get into surveillance with our starterkit easy

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5 x IPC3614LE-ADF28(40)K

1 x RG-EG105G-P

1 x RG-ES210GC-LP

1 x NVR301-04LS3-P4

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If you want a complete, easy and performing ip surveillance in your home, smaller business or in your office, This is the perfect starterkit for you. With the simple plug and play ip cameras anyone with some sort of it interest can set it all up and manage from univiews EZcloud.

The thing with reyee and uniview products are that they integrate with eachother and therefore is a very smart and easy handling process, you set up your gateway(router) and connect your switch, then just plugin all your uniview products into the switch. And then you can manage everything via cloud for FREE.


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